Choosing the right solicitor matters

If you’ve got a family problem you want someone who has built a reputation for achieving the best possible outcome in family disputes – someone like Lesley Dowdalls who is an accredited specialist in Family Law and Child Law. Lesley is supported by Lynsey Murray who also has wide experience in these areas.

If you are concerned about problems that may arise in later years, you want someone who understands concerns about making Wills, setting up Powers of Attorney and planning to deal with care costs – someone like Alastair McDonald who has over 30 years of experience of advising in such matters and who heads up our new Succession Planning unit, supported by Lynsey Murray who handles any court-related issues like the appointment of financial or welfare guardians and Karen Stewart who handles succession planning, wills, executries and powers of attorney.

If you’re planning to move house, you’ll want people who have extensive experience of handling all the issues that can arise at such times and have guided countless clients to their dream home – people like Alastair McDonald who has many years experience and has helped hundreds of clients through the stress of purchase and sale.

If you’re dealing with commercial property, you need people who know their way around the intricacies of complex property issues – people like Fiona Connolly who has been dealing almost exclusively with the purchase, sale and leasing of commercial properties for over 20 years, and Alastair McDonald who also deals extensively with commercial property issues.

Employment disputes need to be handled with care by people who understand the issues. Lynsey Murray prides herself in getting to grips with the issues at the heart of the matter. She offers sensible practical advice for resolving disputes and robust representation if the case goes to an Employment Tribunal.

Rural matters can raise complex issues in many different areas of law, and our experienced team of Alastair McDonald and Fiona Connolly has dealt with most of them.

Let them be your trusted advisers.