The original intention of Employment Tribunals was to provide a simple procedure for dealing with employer/employee relations; easy to understand and with a system for resolving disputes promptly and cheaply. However, Employment Law has become an increasingly complex area of law, where clear and direct guidance is essential for both employer and employee.

Prevention is better than cure, and we advise on the framing of contracts of employment, Service Contracts for Directors, procedural rules and employment policies.

We can provide in-house seminars to give employers a basic grounding in the main aspects of employment law relevant to their situation.

If an employee has been dismissed, we can advise on the legal implications of the dismissal, and, if appropriate, prepare and submit an application to an Employment Tribunal. Conversely, if an employer is faced with an application from an employee, we can investigate the circumstances and advise on the appropriate response, including the conduct of the case at an Employment Tribunal hearing.

Employment matters are handled principally by: Lynsey Murray.