Succession Planning

This is what we call sitting down with you and guiding you on how best to plan for the future. We look at what is best for you in your particular circumstances, because we do not believe that one size fits all.

You will want to ensure that your estate passes to the people you would like to get it, so it is critical that you make a Will and we can talk through the implications of your wishes.

You will also want to make sure that as much as possible passes to your beneficiaries, and we will guide you on estate planning to try to minimise the amount of Inheritance Tax that might be payable on your estate.

Care costs are a big worry for many people and we can bring our expertise to bear in this area by advising you on what steps you may be able to take to protect your estate and your family.

If it is critical that you make a Will (and it is), it is important that you also put a Power of Attorney in place. This is a document in which you give the people you choose power to deal with your affairs or make decisions on your behalf about your welfare if you are not able to do so. This is an important precautionary step to avoid the delay, trouble and expense of having the court appoint guardians if you have not selected an Attorney and the need arises.

If you are dealing with the affairs of someone who is no longer able to make decisions and has not appointed an Attorney, we can help with the procedure involved in getting the necessary powers.

Contact Karen Stewart or Alistair McDonald for initial advice.